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Our Core Values

Our business practices and decision-making are guided by a set of core values that underline our dedication to producing high-quality bag-related products. From choosing the best materials to perfecting our craftsmanship, we relentlessly pursue excellence at every stage. Understanding and satisfying our customers' needs is central to our work; therefore, we offer tailored solutions to meet their diverse expectations for popular items like backpacks, school bags, lunch bags, and more.

Innovation is not just our goal but also the heart of our design philosophy. We encourage creative thinking and constantly seek breakthroughs in design and functionality to respond to market trends and customer demands. Our flexibility and efficiency are evident through our OEM services, which establish us as a trustworthy production partner for various brands.

Sustainability is another major focus for us. We are committed to environmentally friendly manufacturing processes that minimize our impact on nature, while actively fulfilling our social responsibilities as we grow. Through the practice of these core values, our company not only ensures the provision of exceptional products but also honors our profound responsibility towards society and the environment as we progress toward a continually improving future.

Our Mission

To continuously elevate our product development to fulfill our promise of innovation and quality. We are devoted to researching and adopting new ways of thinking to design more creative and functional bags and promotional products, thereby meeting the needs and expectations of contemporary consumers. Building trust and providing professional services are essential aspects of our customer relationships. By offering customized solutions and expert OEM services, we strive to be our clients’ most reliable partner, growing together with them.


We recognize that a company's success is measured not only by its financial gains but also by its positive impact on society. That's why we proactively take on social responsibilities, advocate for eco-friendly production methods, and promote sustainable development principles, ensuring that our business activities contribute value to future generations without harming our planet. With these efforts, we aims to succeed in the market and become an exemplary figure in the industry, demonstrating how to balance economic benefits with social responsibility and environmental protection.

Production Line

Products and Services

We specialize in designing and producing a variety of bag-related products, including but not limited to:


 -Daily Bags: Including backpacks, school bags, and lunch bags that combine practicality with fashion elements suitable for daily or academic use.

 -Functional Bags: Such as insulated bags, pizza pouch, food delivery bags, grocery delivery bag and courier delivery bag specially designed for food preservation and transportation to meet professional demands.

 -Promotional Bags: Offering a wide range of choices such as cosmetic bags, drawstring bags, and shopping bags that can be customized with your brand logo or message.

 -OEM Services: Tailoring bag products for brand clients from design to production, providing comprehensive and meticulous service.


With our expertise and spirit of constant innovation, Hong Sheng Bags and Design Limited is dedicated to providing the most superior and competitive bag products on the market. We believe that by steadfastly upholding these core values and missions, we can achieve mutual success with our customers and ourselves.

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